Frequently Asked Questions


How does a four-day school work?

Students attend school Tuesday through Friday. On Mondays, students complete assignments at home that prepare them for the upcoming school week.

What is classical education?

Classical education is the study of the cultures, languages, and history of Western Civilization, from the Ancient Greeks and Romans, through Christendom of the Middle Ages, up to its transmission through England to the United States. Latin, history, and the great books and works of the West are core subjects. All subjects are taught in relationship to one another and to Christ, who is both the source and unifier of all knowledge.

What is the tuition cost?

The tuition for grades Pre-K–8 is $1,250. The high school courses cost $500 per course or $3,000 for the full curriculum (7 courses).

How much does the curriculum cost?

The curriculum cost varies by grade, but will generally amount to $300-900. With some effort on the parents' part, used curriculum can be acquired at a much lower cost through book selling forums such as cathswap.

Are scholarships available?

Limited financial aid is available. Please contact Kathleen Tully for more information:

(360) 941-2329

How long is the school day?

The school day for grades pre-K–8 runs from 8:30am–2:15pm. High school begins at 8:30am and ends at 3pm.

When is the first day of class?

The first day of class will be on Wednesday, August 7.

Do the students wear uniforms?

Yes. Uniforms decrease distraction and foster neatness and modesty in students. Please see our Uniform page for details.